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Expand your child's world and possibilities by encouraging them to develop a love for problem solving and mathematics.

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About Us: Our Story

Who we are

We value mathematics and believe it is the foundation on which confidence and success is built. We believe children are natural learners with boundless curiosity and capacity to absorb information. Learning at this age is critical to future success. We believe in creating learning opportunities for children by providing parents with the tools necessary to engage and ignite excitement about problem solving and mathematics.

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How it started

How To Train Your Little Einstein was founded because many children are being failed by today's education system, not because they are stupid nor lazy, but because they weren't given the opportunities and right environment to learn and excel. Problem solving and mathematics shapes thought and confident. Problem solving and mathematics inspires personality and high level of self-worth.

Early learning ignites creativity and confidence, the urge to become better, the need to learn more and be the best of the best. It helps your child be confident in school and later in the world!

We are parents, teachers, grand parents, normal people all with one common focus: help, teach and train all children regardless of their strengths and weaknesses, give them a best possible start in life.

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Are you ready to get started?

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About Us: Team Members

Managing Director

Wyatt Wong

Founder of How To Train Your Little Einstein. Wyatt Wong believes every child should have equal opportunity for education and to get a good education the child needs to do well in Mathematics as it is the foundation of logic and reasoning. He believes our children are not expose to enough brain stimulation and not taught to think, reason and apply logic and common sense.

Wyatt is a Computer Science and Mathematics graduate. He started as a mathematics tutor to help friends and family. After 10 years of teaching and helping students achieving their GCSE Maths, he realised that todays students were not getting the right education and training at the beginning. Most of them struggles during GCSE and the amount of pressure were too much for most of these teenagers, resulting a lot of anxiety and depression. He believes that parents should really think about starting early and let the children work at a reasonable pace towards their GCSE.

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